Autodesk AutoCAD Plant3D 2020.1 Update | 602.1 mb

Autodesk Inc. has released an update to AutoCAD Plant 3D 2020. Built on the familiar AutoCAD platform, AutoCAD Plant 3D features specification-driven design and standard parts catalogs to help streamline the placement of piping, equipment, and support structures.

TechSmith Camtasia 2019.0.6 Build 5004 x64

TechSmith Camtasia 2019.0.6 Build 5004 x64

File Size: 485 MiB

Topaz Studio 2.0.10 x64

Topaz Studio 2.0.10 x64

File Size: 559 MiB

Teorex PhotoStitcher 2.1 (x64) Portable
Teorex PhotoStitcher 2.1 (x64) Portable | 16 Mb
Does creating a perfect panorama require professional skills and a high-end camera? Not, necessarily. With PhotoStitcher you can stitch multiple photos into a picturesque panoramic image. The program smoothly combines photos of different resolutions, different shooting angles and even different perspectives into one perfectly aligned panorama depicting breath-taking landscapes, monumental churches or skyscraping mountains that are so hard to fit into one frame.

Luminar x64 Multilingual

Luminar x64 Multilingual

File Size: 352 MiB

Stata 16.0 | x64 | 327 MB

Stata is a general-purpose statistical software package created in 1985 by StataCorp. Most of its users work in research, especially in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, biomedicine and epidemiology.[citation needed]Stata's capabilities include data management, statistical analysis, graphics, simulations, regression analysis (linear and multiple), and custom programming.

Serato DJ Pro 2.2.2 Build 3 (x64) Multilingual | 407.7 MB

Serato DJ has a brand new look and a greatly improved software layout, optimized for simplicity and a great experience. The new interface also offers two and four deck view modes for four deck controllers, alongside improvements to the cue point and looping controls, which now allow you to display either 8 cues, 8 loops or a combination of both depending on how you perform.

Luminar (x64) Multilingual | 352.2 Mb

Luminar is a full-featured photo editor. It brings over 300 robust tools and features, including fast RAW support, layers, custom brush for selective editing, masking, dozens of photo filters with custom adjustments, presets and a lot more. Luminar also brings an innovative user interface, that photographers can adjust/customize based on the style of their photography, skill level and preferences. This makes Luminar a highly personalized photo software tool, suitable for photographers of all skill levels.

Luminant Music 2.2.1 (x64) Ultimate Edition | 695 Mb

An immersive visual experience, driven by the music you play. Now you don't have to buy stroboscopic lights and lasers for home use (unless you want to give your guests severe headaches), but a decent-sized monitor or TV screen that's running an app like Luminant Music could just do the trick.

ESSS Rocky DEM 4.2.0 | 313.4 mb

The ESSS product team (part of CADFEM) is pleased to announce the availability of Rocky DEM 4.20. The latest version of Rocky DEM high-fidelity particulate software adds to and deepens modeling capabilities, including particle collision analysis, spring and damper motion, fiber modeling improvements, and ANSYS Workbench integrated fluid-particle simulation.

x64 | File Size: 212 MB

HSMWorks powerful plug and integrated CAM software solution is Salydvrk. It provides capabilities that will ultimately increase your productivity. This plug-in connection and proper coordination between the models made by the Solid Framework establishes processes and machines. When you make changes in the design model. At the same time, these changes are automatically reflected on the map will be model and toolpath. The program benefits from parallel.

TreeSize Professional (x64) Multilingual | 33.72 Mb

TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for all Windows versions and client/server versions currently supported by Microsoft. Native 64 Bit support makes sure that available memory will never pose a restriction - not even on the largest systems.

Topaz Studio 2.0.9 x64 Portable

Topaz Studio 2.0.9 x64 Portable

File Size: 539 MiB

Topaz Studio 2.0.8 (x64)
Topaz Studio 2.0.8 (x64) | 576.1 Mb
The future of creative photo editing. Edit your images beautifully with powerful filters and frictionless masking in a fine-tuned non-destructive layer workflow. Topaz Studio 2 has only one purpose: creative photo editing. This starts after you select your image and ends when you export your finished work. It's designed specifically around the artisanal post-processing workflow of carefully crafting a single image to your vision.

Substance Alchemist 0.8.0 RC.4-9 (x64)
Substance Alchemist 0.8.0 RC.4-9 (x64) | 967 Mb
Substance Alchemist is a next-generation tool dedicated to material authoring, exploration, and management. Different technologies and creation methods (procedural-based, capture-based, AI-based and manual) help you manage entire material libraries and export them to other applications.

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